August 2018

Lamoureux Real Estate Update: August 2018

How's the market doing? Let's break it down in this month's real estate update. READ MORE


4 Fun Things: Surrounding Cities

We left town in order to find some fun things to in our community. Time for lunch! READ MORE






July 2018

Next Up: Hot Summer Events

Free outdoor movies, AquaSox games, and our favorite monster of a garage sale. Get all the dates, details, and more. READ MORE






'80s Everett: The Giants of Everett Memorial Stadium

Home of the Everett AquaSox and the site of Ken Griffey Jr.'s first professional home run, this week we're exploring the history behind the Everett Memorial Stadium. READ MORE





4 Fun Things: Summer Treats

Get out of town for some midweek summer fun with one (or all) of these four fun local excursions. READ MORE





June 2018


'80s Everett: The Everett Public Library

Book club gone rogue: find out how women in Everett formed the Everett Public Library. READ MORE





4 Fun Things: Summer Fun Runs

Pick a run, any run. Plan your summer fun runs with these upcoming races in Everett. READ MORE




Next Up: Father's Day Guide

No matter how hard we try, parental holidays always have a way of sneaking up on us. Get some ideas for your Father's Day outing with our handy guide. READ MORE





Next Up: Summer Fun Preview

Catch some waves or a strawberry filled weekend with some of these upcoming summer events. READ MORE






May 2018


Next Up: Mitch Love Golf Tournament

Sign ups for the Mitch Love Golf Tournament are in full swing! Get all the details on how to sign up here. READ MORE





'80s Everett: 2802 Wetmore Ave.

A place for shopping, educating, and now extreme fandom. Find out what 2802 Wetmore Avenue once was and how it has transformed over the past century. READ MORE





4 Fun Things: Strawberry Lemonade, Village Theatre, and Hidden Beaches

In this month’s 4 Fun Things: something fruity, something secret, something fresh, and something mythical. READ MORE





 April 2018


Next Up: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Need help finding the perfect gift for your mom this season? Check out these five ideas for Mothers Day 2018. READ MORE





We Won Everett's Best Real Estate Office!

All thanks to our favorite customers, Everett residents. Thank you for your support! READ MORE





'80s Everett: Colby Ave. and California Ave.

Bell bottom jeans and last-minute shopping at the Pay n' Save, those were the good old days of downtown Everett. Travel back in time to see the Colby and California of yesteryear. READ MORE





4 Fun Things: Stained Glass, Whale Watching, and More

In this month’s 4 Fun Things: something sweet, something fragile, something wild, and something healthy. READ MORE





 March 2018


80’s Everett: The Lamoureux Building

Who wore it best: the community Arco, the automotive shop, the neighborhood market, or the local real estate office? Find out the mysterious 80’s history of the Lamoureux Building. READ MORE




Easter Egg Hunt Guide

Looking for some Easter fun for the whole family? Here's a round-up of local events to help usher in this Easter season. READ MORE





Tour Everett: A Tour of Everett Zip Codes

We teamed up with our friends at Live in Everett to create a video tour of each of the four zip codes in Everett, WA. So without further ado, let's get touring! READ MORE





4 Fun Things: Funko POP!s, Cider, and More

A little bit of new mixed with the old, this month's fun things highlight classics of Everett. READ MORE

Introducing the Lamoureux Blog

In celebration of 30 years in Everett, WA we decided it's time we shared some of our insider knowledge on the city we love to call home. READ MORE


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