'80s Everett: The Lamoureux Building

Published March 2018


In 1988 Barb Lamoureux started selling real estate. Thirty years later we’re celebrating Barb's legacy in Everett by heading back to the beginning to remember what Everett was like back in the 1980s. First stop: the Lamoureux Building at 1904 Wetmore Avenue.

Fun fact: this bright blue building was once the home of Everett’s beloved gas station, Larry’s Arco.


The owner was Everett-born Larry Kirchgessner, a lover of sailing, family, and being his own boss. It all started in 1965 when Larry moved his family down from Arlington to lease and run the Arco-owned station. In 1979, Larry took a leap of faith and chose to buy the station to make it his own.

Customers often remember his warm smile and helpful nature. “He loved his customers (well, most of them),” as quoted from his 2015 obituary in The Herald.

However, big changes came along in the 1990’s. Public records show that 1904 Wetmore had several tenants after 1992, including Darrell’s Automotive Shop in 1993, and the Wetmore Corner Store owned by Yellow Cab CEO Aramde Adisu.

When the lot came up for sale in 2002, Barb pounced on the opportunity to own a piece of Everett’s history.


“Wonderful memories of all the great service we received from Larry at the gas station when the kids were young,” Barb recounted on Larry’s Legacy obituary. “I always loved that location at 19th and Wetmore and when it came for sale, I bought it. Our beautiful real estate office sits on Larry's corner now…After the building was done he called me to tell me he was proud of seeing what we built there. One of the truly good guys!”

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You can find all the research resources quoted here. You can read Larry’s obituary as featured in The Herald here.