'80s Everett: Colby Ave. and California Ave.

Published April 2018


In 1988 Barb Lamoureux started selling real estate. Thirty years later, we’re celebrating Barb's legacy in Everett by heading back to the beginning to remember what Everett was like back in the 1980’s and beyond. Our next stop: downtown’s Colby Ave. and California Ave.

It’s hard to believe that just 30-40 years ago 2700 Colby Ave. reflected an entirely different downtown, as shown in the photos below taken from the intersection of California and Colby looking North East.

Instead of getting takeout from Jasmine Thai for dinner, residents could spend time with friends slurping chocolate shakes at Cole’s Sweet Shoppe or purchasing a cut of meat from Lil’ Porker’s delicatessen. Where locals once strolled the isles of Pay n’ Save for household essentials, they now grab a cup of coffee from Silver Cup and board an elevator to their 14th floor office overlooking the mountain range beyond.


Top photo obtained from the Everett Public Library Northwest Room’s archives

Comparing the two images, it’s fun to spot other features that show growth and development, like the vintage arched stop lights that favor pedestrians and the significant growth of trees on the sidewalks. Even noticing the decades of change based off of the cars in the street and the bell-bottom jeans.

The skyline of the block may have changed significantly at the corner of Colby Ave. and Everett Ave. where the Key Bank building now stands, but the building that currently holds Colby Cleaners has the same chimney-like accents at the front of its brick exterior. And almost as if it were an intentional effort to make Everett more whimsical, we now have a secret alleyway between the two buildings that leads street-walkers to the beautiful mosaics of Wetmore Plaza.


Photo obtained from the Everett Public Library Northwest Room’s archives.

It’s widely known that downtown Everett went through somewhat of a low in the 1980’s when larger storefronts like Chaffee’s and JC Penny packed up from downtown and moved to the Everett Mall. But Everett is a true comeback kid, triumphantly bringing life back into the downtown small business scene.

Many things have changed over the last few decades in Everett, but some things remain the same, such as Lamoureux Real Estates dedication to serving the Everett communities real estate needs. Cheers to Barb Lamoureux on 30 years!

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