4 Fun Things: Funko POP!s, Cider, and More

Published March 2018


Welcome to this month’s installment of Lamoureux’s Four Fun Things, a small compilation of fun things to do and see around Everett, WA.

Give your day a little sparkle with one (or all!) of these quirky things around Everett.


1. Make Your Own Funko Pop

Don’t know the difference between a Dorbz and a doorknob? That’s okay; we don’t either.

But if you’ve got a Funko fan or playful kid in your life that needs a dose of fun look no further than the Custom POP! Figure station at Funko HQ (2802 Wetmore Ave., Everett, WA 98201).

Not only is going inside this funky building a treat, building a personalized POP! of your own will leave you and your chums feeling like true creators.

Each POP! is $15, and includes all the accessories you can fit on its body. So go ahead, give your Funko some neon pink hair and a strawberry ice cream cone.




2. Savor a Cider at Toggle’s

Looking for some weeknight fun? Mix things up with some taste-test experimentation at one of downtown Everett’s newest haunts, Toggle’s Bottle Shop (1420 Hewitt Ave., Everett, WA 98201)

You’re sure to find some goodies between their 600+ options of bottled drinks in their hall of refrigerators and over 20 beers and ciders on tap.

Mix and match a six pack to go, or hunker down for a game of cards while you and your comrades sip some sweet cider.

Currently on tap: Passion Statement Cider - a fascinating passion fruit-meets apple and pear cider.

Pictured above: One Tree Huckleberry Cider, Pom Cherry Cider from Atlas Cider Co., and Schilling Hard Cider’s Emerald City Blackberry Pear Cider.


3. Feast on Fish at Ray’s

An Everett classic, fish n’ chips from Ray’s Drive-In (1401 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201) with a side of fried mushrooms makes any day of the week a Friday.

Picture it: parking in their lot, passing your order through the tiny window to an Everett High School teen, then dropping down on the bright red indoor picnic table with a brown bag filled with greasy goodness.

Don’t forget the ketchup and chunky tartar sauce. Fun fact: Barb Lamoureux used to work here!




4. African Baskets for a Cause at J. Matheson’s

 You can count on J. Matheson Gifts, Kitchen and Gourmet (2615 Colby Ave., Everett, WA 98201) to have the one-of-a-kind gift you need for everyone in your life, and right now you can buy a gift that keeps on giving.

Take a peek at these brightly woven baskets made by the Blessing Basket Project.

Each one comes with a tag featuring the woman who made it with a tidbit about them. With prices varying from $30 to $60, you’re sure to find a piece that fits your fancy.

Pretty basket? Check. Shopping local? Check. For a good cause? Check. It’s a win, win, win.



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